Update (Team Vision)

Hello, this is Vision - Online.

Hello,Vision - Online. Players

[Information Server]


Started LVL 1

System Silk And Coins

CH - EU Server PVE

Ucan get Arena Coin From Normal Uniques and So,OK and Event Arena

Auto EquipMent item Sun FB to lvl 100

All Mops in ALex Drop items Egy A

system event Jop war and event Wanted For more fun

max plus 10 Without adv

Medusa Drop Stone and Global and Reversed .. etc ANd Roc Drop items Egy B he is appeared 3Time in Week

System Honnor Accedamy from Titans Uniques when kill Uniq will get Point

u can get Silk from Normal Uniques and 1 Silk ber 1h

Adv Egy B in Npc For Arena Coin

Vision Team