Vision Online

2018-02-15 15:05

Hello, welcome to Vision Online. We are really proud to present your our 110 Cap server.We've experienced very well and improved game player. There are active community and a friendly staffs.The most important thing is very stable and nice server. We are sure we will be witnessing the up-time rates for a very long time and we will provide services to the players from all over the world as the Ayleone server is an international server. This situation brings; Different playing styles in the game and this is gonna be too much fun to our players.

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InFormation Vision Online

2018-02-09 22:02
  • Start Items:-

- Now u Can Get Honor Academy From Uniques Titans.

- when u kill Unique U Will Get Point Uniques Appear 3 Time In Day.

- Now You Can Get Sillk From Normal Uniques (STR - INT ) To Create More Challenge And Fun Between Players.

- New Gates Have Been Added Now You Can Get Through To The Places.

-How To ?Assemble Silver Coin And Gold COin ?

1-Add Three Uniques For Two Roms On Teleport Jangan Can Travel This Area Use Job

-How To ?Assemble Arena Coin ? In three ways

1-On So.Ok , Battle Arena , And Add 5 Uniques For Towns

-How To Assemble Soket Stones ?


-How To Assemble Items Nova ?

At Alll Mops Alex

-How To Assemble Items EGY A ?In Two ways

1-On Buy For NPC.

2-Weapon On Forget World Gate.

-What Is The Reward Medusa And Roc ? When Appeard ?

-Medusa Rewards (Gold Coin,Silver COin,Arena Coin, Global Chat, Revers Scroll And Stone immortal) , 4 Times Everydays Old Timer Silkroad

-Roc Rewards (Gold Coin,Silver COin,Arena Coin, Global Chat, Revers Scroll And Stone immortal) 1 Times Everydays 06.00PM The Chinese Players We Have Added New Skill For Help And Mastery 440.

Reward The First 100 Player Lvl UP 110 

You Will Get Reword 200Silk When You Reach LvL 110

1-Kill GM :-

When The Event Start .Bot Order You To Go Donwhang South Gate.

And Kill GM With Cap Pvp ..3 Round. Event:-

This Event Make For Player Whose Love Make Plus.

When The Event Start ..Bot Will Drop Many Item At Donwhang South.

Gate ..It Order You .To Make Plus .Less Than 15 Minutes.

When you Get This Plus You Will Win .And You Will Get Your Reward.

3-Hide & Seek :-

Bot Will Say Event Hide &Seek.Start After Few Minute.

And It Say Where His Place.. You Must Search For It .To Win.

( 3 ?Round).

4-Lucky Party Number :-

Bot Will Say Numper .And You Must Get This Numper At Paty Matching To Win

5-Question & Answer :-

Bot Will Ask You For A Question .And You Must Answer This Question To [GM] Chat ..To Win

Regards Playersembarassed



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Server Stats

  • PlayerOnline 6 / 1000

Server Info

  • Cap : 110
  • Races : CH&EU
  • EXP/SP : 80x
  • EXP/SP (Party) : 100x
  • Tradegoods : Enable
  • Magic-Pop : Enable
  • Capture Flag : Enable
  • Battle-Arena : Enable
  • PC (HWID) : [4]
  • Union Limit : [3]
  • Guild Limit : [50]
  • FWG : Enabled
  • FTW : Enabled
  • Max-Plus : 13 No Advance
  • Max Plus : With advance [15]
  • Silk Hour : 2 Silks


  • Servertime: 06:18:35
  • Medusa:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: Everyday
  • Battle/Arena:
  • CTF:

Last 10 Unique Kills

  • R1 has killed Isyutaru
    05:40:21 ago

  • TokO has killed Demon Shaitan
    06:04:30 ago

  • DesTrucTioN has killed Tiger Girl
    15:30:30 ago

  • DesTrucTioN has killed Uruchi
    1 day 17:55:48 ago

  • DesTrucTioN has killed Captian Ivy
    1 day 18:12:25 ago

  • DesTrucTioN has killed Tiger Girl
    1 day 18:38:45 ago

  • Hictor has killed Captian Ivy
    1 day 17:39:25 ago

  • Facebook has killed Lord Yarkan
    1 day 17:56:03 ago

  • Facebook has killed Demon Shaitan
    1 day 18:23:00 ago

  • Facebook has killed Isyutaru
    2 days 00:18:28 ago