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26th November Uptade

  • 2018-11-26

  • Hello, this is Vision-Online Team.

    Vision Servers will be undergoing Server maintenance.

    Maintenance Period : November 26th, 2018 09:00 PM ~ 09:10 PM / GMT +2 Time

    [Patch List]

    1. Exp Rate Increased.
    2. Fgw Book Drop Rate Increased.
    3. Nova Rate Increased.
    4. Gift Box Drop Deleted From 109 Mobs.
    5. Gift Box ADD Normal Uniques.
    6. F10 Item Mall - %20 DMG, Reverse, Str-Int Scroll Price is Decreased!
    7. Improve Server Stability.
    8. Lag Fixed.
    9. Fortress War Time Changed.
    10. New Fortress War Time Sunday 9:00 PM GMT+2.

    Thank You.

    Grand Opening

  • 2018-11-14

  • Hello

    Vision Online - 110 The Cap CH & EU adventure begins, and the first event begins.

    The newest server of Vision opens on November 16th with a grand opening. The game adventure that will progress in the form of 110 Cap is the most challenging server in the history of V-Game opens the doors of the Vision.

    Thank You.


    Beta Phase 1st November - 12th November Finish !

    Grand Opening 16.12.2018 - 16th NOVEMBER 9:00 PM GMT +2 !

    Vision-Online Features

  • 2018-10-07



    DATE: 16/11/2018 21:00 GMT+2
    Announcing the grand opening date is important, we cannot just choose random day and hour which may not be suitable for some people, so we will make a poll in the beta to choose a suitable hour and day for everyone so none finds a problem to join the hype of the first hour

    ► Cap | 110.
    Ofcourse this wasn't an easy decision to settle down on the 110 cap, but our intention was to reach certain people, the old school players are most likely the best silkroad players in the private servers which we wanted to bring them together.

    ► Mastery | 440.
    So why not 220 mastery as the original silkroad? well, we wanted to make the game more entertaining and well-balanced, so we thought, why not increasing the mastery to 300 with 60 extra level.

    ► Races | EU-CH .
    Why would we add European race in an oldschool gaming? we wants to keep everything simple and original as possible as we could, so we are not even thinking of adding in in the far future.

    ► Exp/SP Rate | x40.
    Who wants to play in a server where you get max cap in one day? that's definitely not fun at all! so we decided to make a customized exp & sp rates.


    ► Party Exp/SP Rate | x45.
    Some players love to play in groups so to give you a great boost we increased the party exp rate to 150%.

    ► Drop Rate | Medium.
    Dropping rate is customized on the exp rate, you won't find problems finding your last tier or even elixirs and stones, but remember everything has its price.

    ► Alchemy Rate | 1x.
    Alchemy is one of the most entertaining systems in the silkroad history, so we wanted to make it more entertaining by making it a lil but harder and challenging to all players, no one wants a +14 items in the first day right?

    ► Job Rate | 7.5x.
    This has to be done, increasing the job rate will make all players dying to achieve more things in job rate, but, remember! all job activities will give you precious rewards! so, shall you sharpen your weapon?

    ► Max Plus | 12
    Don't worry about the max plus! it will be hard enough for you to reach it, and even if you reach it and tried to fuse it to plus 11, our system will teleport you back to town automatically to prevent you from losing your item.

    ► Silk Per Hour (2) level105+.
    We said before we don't want a pay2play server, so we decided to add silk per hour beside the automatic events, so you can get much silks without any donation! you will get 2 silk every hour.

    ► Capture the Flag | Enabled.
    We enabled capture the flag event because it brings back a lot of memories in old silkroad, ofcourse it gives you a great rewards too!

    ► Battle Arena | Enabled.

    Server Stats

      • GameServer : Online
      • Players Online : 0/ 3000
      • Supporter Online : 0 / 5

    Server Info

      • Cap: 110
      • Degree: 11
      • Race:CH & EUR
      • Masterskill:440 & 220
      • Type: PVE
      • EXP: 40x
      • Party EXP: 45x
      • Drop Items: 5x
      • Drop Gold: 2x
      • Auto Events: Work
      • Max Plus: 14 with ADV+2
      • Fortress War: Hotan
      • Per Hour (2) Silk: Work-Level 105+
      • HWID-PC LIMIT: 8
      • IP LIMIT: 8
      • Fortress War PC LIMIT: 2
      • Job PC LIMIT: 3
      • Battle Arena PC LIMIT: 4
      • Guild LIMIT: 24
      • Union LIMIT: 2

    Server Time

        Time : :

        Fortress : Sunday 9:00 PM GMT+2

        FW Reg : Every Day

        CTF: :

        Arena: :

    Fortress War

        Jangan : dummy
        Hotan : War_Craw
        Bandit : dummy

    Last 10 Unique Kills

    Orthros has killed Tiger Girl

    koky has killed Demon Shaitan

    koky has killed Demon Shaitan

    koky has killed Captain Ivy

    koky has killed Lord Yarkan

    koky has killed Demon Shaitan

    LosTSouL has killed Lord Yarkan

    LosTSouL has killed Tiger Girl

    LosTSouL has killed Uruchi

    LosTSouL has killed Isyutaru